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Puntas con Filtro - TipOne Filter Tips

Nothing goes through!

Protect your samples against unwanted contamination by using TipOne® filter tips.

During pipetting, it is not possible to see with the eye if fine aerosols are going into your pipette. If they are, those aerosols can contaminate other samples at a later date.

TipOne® filter tips are proven* to block >99 % of aerosols and are among the best filters on the market.

The results are shown in the diagram on the right hand side. TipOne® Filters

The filters are made from high density pure polyethylene (HDPE).

They contain no additives which can interfere with your samples.

TipOne® filters are hydrophobic and will not absorb your valuable samples in the way “sealing filters” do.

All TipOne®           

RNase, DNase, DNA and Pyrogen free TipOne® tips are designed to fit all popular pipettes without any loss of accuracy or precision.

Filter Tip Features 

Highly effective HDPE filter 

Filter contains no additives to interfere with your samples 

The filter will not absorb samples, allowing recovery if necessary 

Sterile, and RNase, DNase, DNA and Pyrogen free


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