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Pipeta Serológica - Ergo One Fast Controller


-Intuitive, pressure-responsive speed control

-Provides fast pipetting with maximum precision

-Low operating forces -Lightweight and ergonomically designed for fatigue-free pipetting

-Long battery life with easy exchangeable battery

-Constant performance, that does not decline along with battery charge

-Can be recharged during use -Easy, traffic light system battery charge indicator

-No dripping of liquids for maximum precision

-For use with all glass or plastic serological pipettes from 1ml up to 100 ml -Autoclavable aspiration cone, pipette adapter, filter and seal

Technical Specifications:

Battery Lithium Polymer Battery

Charging Time ~3 Std. Battery Life ~2000 x 25 ml dispensing cycles from a fully-charged battery Permissable

Ambient Temp. 5 ºC to 40 ºC, <90% Humidity

Atmospheric Pressure 79.5 – 106 kPA Weight 160 g (with battery)

Materials Housing: Polyproypylene, Membrane Filter PTFE,

Pipette Adapter: Silicone

Voltage Input: 100 V –240 V, AC±10%, Output: 5V Frequency 50 Hz - 60 Hz


Cat. No.      Description                                      Pack Size

S7166-0010 ErgoOne® FAST Pipette Controller*          1


P7166-6605 0.2μm Membrane Filter, PTFE (Sterile)      5

P7166-6800 0.45μm Membrane Filter, PTFE (Sterile)    5

P7166-6904 Replacement Seal for Filter Adapter          5

P7166-6002 Replacement Pipette Adapter (Silicone)     1

P7166-6103 Replacement Aspiration Cone                  1

P7166-6501 Replacement Lithium Polymer Battery       1

P7166-6109 Replacement Power Supply                      1


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