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Ovation Human FFPE RNA-Seq

The Ovation® Universal RNA-Seq System is part of a group of products that provide an end-to-end solution for strand-specific RNA-Seq libraries ready for sequencing on Illumina platforms. These systems combine a simple, flexible workflow that accommodates a broad range of total RNA inputs from a number of sample types coupled with efficient depletion of uninformative transcripts including ribosomal RNA depletion using the Insert Dependent Adaptor Cleavage (InDA-C) technology. In addition to rRNA depletion, the InDA-C probes can be customized to target any high-abundant transcript (custom transcript depletion) from any organism leading to an increased dynamic range, reduced sequencing costs, and simplified data analysis. The table below provides a summary of catalog kits available for rRNA transcript depletion from model organisms. For custom transcript depletion contact NuGEN Technical Support (techserv@nugen.com).

OrganismDepletion targetProduct NamePart No.
Human ribosomal RNA + globin Ovation® Human Blood RNA-Seq Multiplex System 1-8, 9-16 0337, 0338
Human ribosomal RNA Ovation® Human FFPE RNA-Seq Multiplex System 1-8, 9-16 0340, 0341

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