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Ovation RNA-Seq FFPE System

The Ovation® RNA-Seq FFPE System provides a fast and simple method for preparing amplified cDNA from FFPE-derived total RNA for NGS RNA-Seq from FFPE samples as well as other applications. Amplification is initiated at the 3' end as well as randomly throughout the transcriptome, making the Ovation® RNA-Seq FFPE System ideal for amplification of the severely degraded and chemically modified RNA typically obtained from FFPE samples. This approach is ideal for processing samples for RNA-Seq on Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) platforms, as reads are distributed across the transcript. The Ovation® RNA-Seq FFPE System generates double-stranded cDNA suitable for sequencing library construction for use with a variety of NGS platforms.

The Ovation® RNA-Seq FFPE System is powered by Ribo-SPIA® technology, a rapid, simple and sensitive RNA amplification process developed by NuGEN. Using Ribo-SPIA technology and starting with as little as 100 ng FFPE RNA, microgram quantities of cDNA can be prepared in approximately six hours.


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