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Ovation RNA-Seq V2

The Ovation® RNA-Seq System V2 provides a rapid, simple and sensitive whole transcriptome RNA amplification process for preparing amplified cDNA from total RNA or poly(A) selected mRNA from 500pg – 100ng. This robust workflow, based on NuGEN’s proprietary Ribo-SPIA technology, yields several micrograms of cDNA ready for multiple downstream applications including RNA-Seq, qPCR and archival storage for future analyses. When combined with the Ovation® Ultralow V2 Library or Ovation® Rapid Library Systems, a complete RNA-Seq library can be generated in under 7 hours.  The product is particularly useful for detection of rare transcripts, viruses and unknown pathogens.

Sample types include total RNA from LCM tissue, fine needle aspirates, sorted cells, liquid biopsy, prokaryotes, viruses and other challenging sample types.  

Automation enabled on multiple platforms including Agilent Bravo, Beckman Biomek FXP, Perkin Elmer Sciclone, and Hamilton Star/Starlet. 


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