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Ovation Fusion Panel Target Enrichment System V2

The Ovation® Fusion Panel Target Enrichment System V2 is an RNA fusion panel that enables the simultaneously interrogation of known and novel gene fusions of 502 genes previously implicated in fusions based on the COSMIC database and recent publications.  This system, utilizes Single Primer Enrichment Technology (SPET) for RNA to enrich for all exon - exon junctions in the targeted genes. Used together with the Ovation® cDNA Module (Part No. 9103) and dedicated gene fusion detection software, NuFuseD, this system provides a complete solution from total RNA to actionable RNA fusion results.  

The system can be used to screen for gene fusion events in cancer discovery and diagnositcs from different sample types include purified RNA from cell lines, fresh frozen or FFPE tissues, clinical samples and tumor biopsies.  

Automation enabled on the Perkin Elmer Sciclone NGS system.


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